"...Much in the way Woody Allen has used Manhattan as a character, Stephen Gyllenhaal uses Seattle in Grassroots..."
- Spencer Fornaciari, The MacGuffin
“Gyllenhaal makes the monorail’s lost cause such spunky fun that you’re glad to buy the ticket.”
- Brian Miller, Columnist, Seattle Weekly
"A breezy, intelligent political film with bright, vivacious performances."
- Jeffrey Lyons, Lyons Den Radio
“…it’s great to relive this gonzo campaign in Gyllenhaal’s funny, charming, very-Seattle movie.”
- Joel Connelly, Seattle Pi
“It is your moral duty to go see [GRASSROOTS] and love it.”
- The Sun Break, top 5 SIFF Picks for closing weekend
“…a witty, well-cast, sometimes ingeniously paced political comedy…”
- John Hartl, Seattle Times
“It’s a funny, touching tale about dreams, friendship and politics…"
- KING-TV, Seattle, New Day Producers

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