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Spotted: Polar bear on Pine | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle

1. Capitol Hill
2. Hollywood

Put the two together and you get a string of white bear sightings reported to CHS Wednesday morning. According to the Stranger’s lead actress Lindy West, the bear was part of more on-Hill filming for indie pic Grassroots, the tale of Grant Cogswell’s unsuccessful 2001 run for the Seattle City Council. We’ve written a few times about the Stephen Gyllenhaal-helmed production which also features the Comet playing the Comet , turned the Stranger newsroom into a movie set, invited locals to act like it was 2001 and made it rain on 11th Ave. Box Office Magazine asks if it might be the “definitive Seattle movie.” The film is slated for a 2011 release… Read the full article and see the photos at

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