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Political Profile: Jeremy Spencer for St. Marys City Council

It’s the stuff of movies: Two small town identical twins from Georgia nicknamed ‘The Redneck Kennedys’, running against the powers that be to change and make a difference in their community. Their adversary? The “Real Estate Cartel,” and the council — made up of real estate agents and owners — whose agenda is so powerful that they appear to have larger political forces than appropriate (admittedly, ones that are yet to be uncovered).

But this isn’t on TV or the silver screen. This is real life in St. Marys, Georgia.

A small coastal town with a population of around 15,000 people, St. Marys is the second oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. In that community lives Jeremy Spencer, a 36-year-old teacher, churchgoer, and family man who lives by the Thomas Paine quote, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” He is currently running for city councilman (with elections fast approaching), while his brother, Jason serves as state representative. Together, they hope to drastically change the direction for St. Marys. They want to get that train back on a track that better serves the community.

Although Jeremy and Jason are both registered republicans they believe the Kennedy comparison is a strong compliment. As Jeremy puts it, “John and Bobby stood up for what they believed in as principled conservative ‘blue dog’ democrats. Their father instilled a sense of competiveness in them that is still talked about today. If that is what people are saying to demean us, I accept that label because John and Bobby stood up for principle in the political times they were in.”

Jeremy, is the youngest of 4 (he is 4 minutes younger than Jason), and was brought to Georgia by his father’s Air Force military career. He was raised Southern Baptist in a small southern town, and was quickly influenced by local politics. He played tennis on scholarship in college for 2 years before transferring to University of Georgia. There, he would meet his college sweetheart and wife, Renee. Together, they eventually would make their home in the small town of St. Marys with their daughter Alexandria.

After years of working as a biology teacher at the local high school, Jeremy found himself feeling apathetic. He largely ignored the political atmosphere he lived in. But after the countless cuts he received as a teacher, enough was suddenly enough. He found himself feeling responsible for not paying enough attention to the political agenda that had taken over his community.

His love for his family propelled Jeremy to step up to try to make a difference. After all, how could he gather the nerve to tell his daughter to get a good education and find a good job when he witnessed so many families struggling to make ends meet, regardless of their time and labor or education?

When asked about what prompts him to run, Jeremy says, “I am tired of the cronyism, the good ole boy network, the excessive spending, playing games with tax dollars, the lack of transparency, and the consistent disenfranchisement of the tax payer.”

“If you want to make changes in your life, you have to get involved and make what is wrong, right; even when you are the only one standing and crying from the wilderness.”

Jason Spencer, Jeremy’s brother and self-described intellectual punching bag, was elected to represent their section of the state in Georgia’s General Assembly. He took down an 8-year incumbent who had strong ties with the real estate lobbying groups, and together they have figured out how to expose the groups, and all of their political connections.

“We both have shaken the trees and we are seeing major fallout,” says Jeremy.

This group, what the Spencers call the “Real Estate Cartel,” is a band of real estate agents and owners who have been elected to council over the years. During the real estate bubble, they found themselves becoming much stronger, and over the years have appointed other members to their committees to help carry out their own personal agenda. Financially, according to the Spencers, they have become politically overpowering, pushing legislation and policies that benefits them, not their community. Jeremy finds this frustrating. “I am prepared to stop this, and I will do what it takes to defend the honor and integrity of our community,” he says.

Jeremy’s primary goal, if elected, is to make sure that St. Marys can pay the bills for the city while still preserving basic services (water-sewer paymentsm for instance, are currently on the rise). “We are so in debt, that I will be close to 70 years old when the debt is paid off,” Spencer claims, “I hope to preserve and protect as much of the basic services as possible and reduce the levels of spending to negate an unfavorable credit and bond restructuring.”

He also wants to see a more transparent council for the citizens. The Real Estate group has had over 100 meetings behind close doors. Spencer says that that Georgia Sunshine Laws have so many loopholes that the ‘cartel’ has taken advantage of this and been able to hide it from the public. People have attempted to petition the laws because of this, but ultimately couldn’t make the necessary change. However, the Attorney General of Georgia wants to re-write the laws because of the many municipalities that have used them to hide their corruption in Georgia.

Spencer cleverly compares his fight against the ‘cartel’ in football terms. The ‘cartel’ has a long-standing, dominant team that is able to run the ball and call all of the shots. “We need a better team, better play calling, better coaching (our current mayor is very inept), and better players,” he says. He feels that the best way to make change is by cleaning house. The ‘cartel’s’ motto is “if you build it, they will come,” but Spencer clarifies that the bubble popped years ago, and it is time to move on. The important task is now to  handle the debt that the ‘cartel’ put them in.

Jeremy Spencer is the prototypical example of what the Grassroots team wants to inspire in our community. Whichever side of the party system that you are on does not matter: These issues transcend all political spectrums. What matters is what Jeremy Spencer wants to do: To move a community forward in the most positive way he can. He encourages younger generations – as well – to be aware of how the promised entitlements will affect the future of their family income. They are quickly learning that the American Dream is a memory, a relic of a generation that was promised too much. They took our country on an extensive ride of spending and debt, he feels, and now it is up to this generation and the ones after to get America back in the right direction.

When I asked Jeremy to convey a personal message to the people who read this, he stated, “I would like to challenge the people who hear my story to tear down the walls of partisanship and band together for this roller coaster ride, because I can tell you that my generation and my children’s generation are going to be left to pick up the pieces of all the greed and corruption that has polluted our society for many decades. We are the collateral damage and we must find leadership amongst the ashes of what may appear to be defeat to some, but I feel it will encourage a greater movement to bring us out of these ashes of mistakes.”

We couldn’t agree more.

by Mike Nelson
‘Do or do not, there is no try.’

  1. Alake says:

    The part that struck a cord with me was this quote:

    “We are the collateral damage and we must find leadership amongst the ashes of what may appear to be defeat to some, but I feel it will encourage a greater movement to bring us out of these ashes of mistakes.”

    Mr. Spencer seems to be fighting for the right cause: the benefit of the community over personal benefit.

    • Deborah Hase says:

      If Jeremy is against running for office for personal benefit, then he chose the wrong person to team up with in the person of Greg Bird. I have known Mr. Bird for 10 years and know exactly what his motives were when he ran for office and it was to save his business at the St Marys Airport. Mr. Bird said twice in my presence when I was the Mayor of St Marys, “give me two million dollars and I will take my business and go away”. He ran due to the fact that we were trying to relocate the airport, and he needed to save his business. Mr. Bird is all about Mr. Bird and not about the people of this community. So I question why Mr. Spencer chose to team up wtih someone of the character of Greg Bird. He needs to ask Bird about his personal gains and then research the responses. I don’t think he has done that.

      Another issue from the mouth of Jeremy Spencer: the “real estate cartel” statements. What is he talking about? There has been no personal gain to any elected official who is in real estate (which there are two, and one is inactive). He needs to speak up with details to his accusations if he is going to make such claims. First of all, no city real estate can be ‘sold”, equal opportunity has to be given to anyone who wants to buy public property. No realtors on council could be involved in those transactions. Public land must be auctioned or bid out. As a realtor and an elected official, I would have the ethics to avoid any conflict of interest in anything related to such issues. Unlike Mr. Spencer’s “team mate” Mr. Bird who has continued to vote on airport issues for the past four years.

      Mr. Spencer says he is prepared to stop the realtors from being elected to council. I have news for him, it is up to the people who is elected, not Mr. Spencer. The statements in this article are some of the most outragious I have ever heard from a candidate for public office. They even exceed the nonsence of Bob Nutter, another “team mate”. He is a greenhorn, and can’t back up what he is saying with fact. He has actually lied about the 100 meetings by a “real estate” group. This speeks volumes to me of his credibility.

      If Mr. Spencer wants to show inspiration to the community, he needs to talk about specifics of things he can actually do if elected. His touts of “I will do this and that” show how little he knows and understands the way local government functions. He is all about being negative and we need some positive people in politics in ST Marys, Ga.

  2. Jon Dow says:

    A city councilman earns very little. I always question the motivation of the candidates for wanting the job and often come to the conclusion they have something to benefit by being in office that does not benefit the general populous. Mr. Spencer seems to be the rare individual that is willing to put up with a difficult, constantly criticized, and unrewarding job for no personal gain. I wish him luck.

  3. Linda Victory says:

    After reading the article, I’m wondering where are the basic 5 Ws to validate his statements and allegations (who, what, when, where, & way). To say there is a “real estate cartel” basically running St. Marys without facts is just making allegations and expressing opinion. To say “meeting behind closed doors”, as the Council is allowed under certain circumstances, without facts is once again just allegations. Mr. Nutter lost his case against the city. Facts were presented and Mr. Nutter lost. Being diligent is admirable, but casting allegations without making your case based on facts and/or data is another matter.

  4. Lynn says:

    I don’t know if this city council job is full time or part time but, most of the time it is part time. And yes, they get paid very little. It is usually done by people who have something to gain OR want to make a change. Mr. Spencer wants a better place to live for him and his family, and he is doing what we ALL should be doing..getting involved, making a change and trying to make a difference. Let’s get rid of the politicians who are looking out their self-interest and let’s elect politicians that have the people’s interest at heart. This country would be a better place to live.
    Mr. Spencer is one of those who is trying to make a difference.

  5. Tina says:

    I am absolutely floored at the reference to a ‘real estate cartel’ here in St Marys! There are TWO (I guess that constitutes a ‘cartel’ now, huh?) elected officials associated with real estate and as Ms. Hase stated, one of them is inactive. Clearly Mr. Spencer, you are labeling all of us (yes I am an agent here in town) and making accusations without justification. Why don’t you try something new in politics and have the facts like the 5 W’s Linda asks about before you go spouting off in a public forum. This city doesn’t need people like you running for office based on the negativity you can conjure up about those in office, it needs politicians who are going to do what is right for the people of this city. Why don’t you give us proof of 100 closed door meetings and “expose the groups” you say exist? I’m sure there are many people out there waiting for those answers, including myself.

  6. Andrew D. says:

    Good article. To those above posters who are upset about Mr. Spencer’s rhetoric…while there may not have been a “cartel,” in the real sense of the word, surely you cannot deny that lack of transparency in the real estate market is what placed our nation in the second biggest recession in its history? This problem may not be unique to St. Mary’s but a push for change in the industry is important from the federal level down to municipalities.

  7. Deborah Hase says:

    To all you real estate agents out there: If you are offended by the disparaging remarks about us and our profession,contact Mr. Spencer and tell him so. Of course, you need to tell Bob Nutter too because he is the one that started the “cartel” scenario. Real Estate is an honorable profession and are people who have a finger on the pulse of this community, better than most. We help people, and also do many benefits for the community. Speak out against this harrassment. It is hurting our community by all the negativity that is being portrayed. Contact them and tell them so, and let all your friends and family know what lies have been initiated by these two candidates. This is important. And go vote on November 8. Thanks.

    • Sahir says:

      I am a real estate agent as well, and by no means am I shocked or offended by Mr. Spencers comments. I do not know him personally nor do I know the politics in St. Marys but he has the right to voice his own opinion about subject matters, especially if he is not speaking about anyone directly. I do believe that some real estate agents think of themselves as ‘all powerful,’ and their private agendas do impact our livelihood and economy. Some people are realtors do put food on their families table, and some people are realtors to have power. So perhaps if you are ‘shouldering’ the blame, you have a reason for doing so. I, myself, do not shoulder blame or any wrongdoings that are at the very least, being talked about in city council meetings. It certainly sounds like Mr. Spencer has a reason for raising questions. Don’t take away that right.

  8. Tina says:

    I have a question……why is it that everyone thinks Realtors are to blame for this market? We don’t loan money, we don’t appraise property……we simply assist the buyers by finding the home they wish to purchase and sellers in the process of getting their property in front of a buyer. Why don’t people look to the shady lenders and unscrupulous appraisers who overinflated values and mortgage brokers who assisted buyers to purchase properties way beyond their means? Again, as Realtors, we don’t loan money on nor do we value property (keep in mind that no matter what we list it for, it must appraise in order to have a loan!) we’re the middle man shouldering the blame for the real villains here!

  9. Guilty Hase? says:

    The guilty think all talk is of themselves. Guilt has a 1000 voices, they all lie.

    Who is Bird? Who is Nutter? Sounds like to me we have much to confess Mrs. Hase. I have know Idea who Mr. Spencer is…if you read the profile he mentions no names, but you are quick to confess and divulge information…sounds to me you are just grasping at straws. It appears Mr. Spencer is just trying to stand up for what is right. And if that is wrong, then so be it. Someone has to take a stand and I admire Mr. Spencer’s story. You know what they say…if the real estate gang could, they would raise the rents in the graveyard….this is a blog people, not CNN.

  10. Voter says:

    Deborah Hase is a St. Marys councilmember. For her to choose to use an article about Mr. Spencer as a way to strike out at Mr. Bird and Mr. Nutter is reprehensible. Ms. Hase is stepping down from her position but has chosen her successor (a good friend and realtor) to oppose Mr. Nutter.
    I can tell you that Mr. Bird and Mr. Nutter are extraordinary men who have been fighting against the backroom, closed-door politics of this town for years.
    Bird, Nutter and Spencer are not “running mates”: they are like-minded men who are tired of the ongoing and blatant attempts to muzzle the people. The council has been heavily weighted with realtors or those who are married to realtors. That has led to questionable activity. Of course that’s not the fault of the realtor profession – it’s the fault of those who lack the moral decency to focus upon the best interest of the citizens and NOT their own self-serving agenda. Ms. Hase has embarrassed herself and our town once again.
    While I may not agree with Mr. Spencer on some issues, I whole-heartedly defend his right to speak out and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

  11. Spencer for St. Marys Campaign says:

    To all who have taken offense at the Profile released by Grassroots:

    If I have offended any good standing real estate investor or their affiliates, I did not mean to include you (insert your name here). However, I have placed articles and commentary on my website that have been there since late July that have the facts as I see them. Here is an article that you may have read this past summer:

    Again, I apologize to the real estate community for the word “cartel” and did not mean to imply that all real estate developers and there associates have an agenda at the tax payer’s expense.

  12. Greg Bird says:

    I have been on the St. Marys city council for four years now. This term has been unique in that our country came to the brink of a depression my first year in office. From the late 1990’s to the mid 2000’s our country appeared to be flourishing and it looked like our prosperity would last forever. We know better now, don’t we? It is easy to point fingers and point out the mistakes and there were plenty of them made, but the challenge is to analyize where we went wrong so that we don’t make those mistakes again. We must also plan for our future with our past in mine then begin our journeys forward.

    Corruption in government is as old as government itself. People know right from wrong but they don’t always know how to treat each other when things go wrong. We need leaders who are honest and have integrity because we are servants to the people and we are the trustees of the public assets. Who do I blame for our ills in society? I blame us. I don’t blame the realtors who were out there selling their products. I don’t blame the banks for loaning money, that is what banks are supposed to do. I don’t blame the developers who give us great neighborhoods and business districts. I don’t fault the contractors who take those ideas and turn them into streets, water systems, houses, and so much more. The list goes on and on. The fault lies within each of us as we struggle with the forces of good and evil in the decisions that we make on a daily basis. Was I greedy when I made that choice? Did I do what was best for me at the expense of my neighbor? Did I cut corners to add a little more to the bottom line?

    Maybe you did your best, maybe I did my best, perhaps it was a distant neighbor who was motivated by greed and dishonesty. We are all paying now, the innocent and the guilty. So what are the answers? Let us put greed and dishonesty back in Pandora’s Box. Let us seek out those community leaders who understand good principals and recognize that our solutions are not just at city hall but mostly lie within our communities themselves. God Bless America and the rest of God’ world.

  13. St. Marys says:

    Thank you, Mr. Bird, for your thoughtful and well-written response. The article concerned Mr. Spencer alone but Ms. Hase chose to use it as a platform from which to launch her vitriolic and unfounded attack on Mr. Bird and Mr. Nutter. That speaks volumes about both her character (or lack thereof) and her political agenda.” Were Mr. Spencer’s words ill-chosen? Perhaps. But for Ms. Hase it indulge in an embarrassing diatribe full of innuendo and misinformation was simply disgusting.

  14. Wildcat says:

    Everything the Spencer brothers do and say is to get attention and boost their egos! If they really cared about St Marys and all of Camden Co. they would use their political voices to build up Camden Co and St Marys and not tear it down buy slandering one profession.
    Also I think the Kennedy’s would be offended by your self appointed nick name!

  15. I would like to express the offense I have taken to this article. I am a Realtor and local business owner in Kingsland (right across the street from St Marys and just as affected by your statement), and your article seems to want to give the Realtor profession a bad name. Using nice words like Cartel and making it seem that we are all in collusion on a big plan against you. I can assure you that this profession has some of the most ethical and educated people serving in it, and tmy fellow Realtors haven’t told me about this big plan. But I can also say that no matter what profession you are in, there might be some people that do not live up to your standards, and ours is no different – few and far between – but I am sure they are there. I cannot keep them out any more than you can keep them out of your profession. There might even be a politician or two that have gotten that reputation, but I would not call their profession out publically to try and blame them as a group for current troubles. If you are referring to an individual, please direct your remarks to that individual or group of individuals by name, not profession.
    If you want an idea for St Marys leading the way to change – a change needed across the board, not just in St Marys, not just by Politicians, and not just by Realtors – why not make a grass roots movement for “Saint Marys to try and be the best run City in the entire United States.” With the education, commitment to our communities, and dedication to serve that Realtors and Politicians have, maybe working together we can get things going. Then we can look back as a catalyst that helped get America back on track. A land we truly want to be proud!

  16. Mike S says:

    The wonderful thing about democracy, and a generally free society, is that many groups and individuals can have the opportunity to speak their beliefs, and promote their own agendas, good or bad. Too many Americans do not utilize their freedom of speech, or their freedom to even act, until it is too late and they aren’t looking for a solution, but someone to blame. I think it’s commendable that Jeremy left his honest living as a high school teacher to right the wrongs in his community, and I wish him luck if his efforts are truly honest and in line with the initiatives of this movie and website. He is acting in response to his community’s plight, and that is the first gigantic step towards progress.

    During my time in state government and state elections, it has been no surprise to learn that any allegations or mudslinging by one candidate, must be proven to be at least partially true. Otherwise a campaign and its candidate can end up looking silly or desperate. I hope Jeremy is prepared to legitimize his allegations against this “cartel,” and I wish the town of St. Marys good luck in choosing a council that uses its status to benefit the community, and not just itself.

  17. Laura says:

    I really appreciate the way this article sheds light on a common issue that has been a part of politics for decades. It is comforting to know that someone is taking a stand and trying to rid their state of such political corruption. I can understand why as a real estate agent you might be quick to get offended but if you really read the article you will realize that he is only referring to a specific group of real estate agents, not all real estate agents in general… Over all I found it to be motivating.

  18. Kyle says:

    I was brought up to question things when I was a child, and over the years I, like many people, have forgotten this simple lesson. Too many of us sit back and let the hot air of politicians blow us around like plastic bags in the wind. Yes, I do realize that we all have the opportunity to vote these politicians into office but how much do we really pay attention to what they do after they are elected?

    Mr. Spencer saw something he didn’t approve of and instead of sitting back and letting things continue the way they do now he decided to take a stand. He, unlike many of us, is speaking up and having his voice heard and based on the responses to this blog seems to be stirring up the pot pretty well.

    I say let Mr. Spencer question the issues that are going on in St. Marys. Was it not our forefathers that questioned Great Britain and their rule and taxation over our 13 colonies? Look at what that gave us, The United States of America.

    Great blog. Best of luck to the community of St. Marys in their decision. God Bless.

  19. Andrew D. says:

    Ron Paul 2012

  20. St Marys Realtor says:

    I see a ‘google docs’ apology letter on your facebook Mr. Spencer but I sure don’t see it posted here! Not to mention if you don’t have a gmail account, you can’t read the apology letter in its entirety.

  21. Garret R. says:

    We often find that power corrupts. I read a quote yesterday that says it well. “People are made to be loved, things are made to be used. The world is in shambles because we are focusing our love on things, and using people.”

    Remember that the light that shines in your soul is no different than your neighbor, and we all get our energy from the sun. If we can agree on this, and let the wisdom enter our daily practice, the world will fix itself.

  22. Garret R. says:

    Out of the ashes we shall rise indeed. I read a quote yesterday that I believe does justice to the perspective we need.

    “People are made to be loved, things and made to be used. The world is in shambles because things are being loved, while people are being used.”

    Never let us forget that the light that shines in our soul is identicle to our neighbors, and we all get our energy from the sun. If we can keep this idea in our hearts and let the wisdom permeate our practice, the world will right itself in time.


  23. Linda R. says:

    Don’t you ever wish that you can take back something you said. I am sure you probably don’t however once it’s out of your mouth its out and you can’t take it back. I think this was such a bad idea Jeremy Spencer. Look at what it is causing in such small town and I have a feeling it isn’t over yet. I moved here several years ago from california. Looking for a peaceful and friendly town to live. I am very ashamed at his “Cartel” comment. I do agree with freedom of speech however, you better be able to back up what you say. Makes me sad, very sad.

  24. Sahir says:

    You people are hiding behind the wall of the Internet and shunning Mr. Spencer away for simply stating an opinion on something within the community. You do not have to agree with his stance but you certainly do not have to call him out and ridicule him for his actions. Get over it. I imagine all of these negative posts are all real estate people who are the opposition of Mr. Spencer in St. Marys. That’s real sad, that an opponent will state an opinion and he has to release an apology? How is that different then me suggesting fast food chains are ruining America. The people that may work for Burger King may be all great people but it doesn’t mean what they are doing is right. They’re serving the masses horrific food.
    This is America people. Get with the times. Have you not been watching the news of the occupy movement? We are all allowed a voice, and absolutely should use it. The word ‘cartel,’ have enraged people but that’s too bad. At least he is giving the community the opportunity to look into the subject and make their own opinion about the topic. If he didn’t say that, would you even have taken an interest in the subject? Probably not. So give a hand to Jeremy for allowing a discussion to be unfolded, obviously these other people are the ones who don’t want it talked about. This is what politics have come to- The only voices heard are when the powers that be let them speak.

  25. Mickey says:

    Although I can’t personally comment on the politics of St. Mary’s, I can say that it is always refreshing to see new blood challenging the established system in place. And judging by this comment board, this one looks in need of some strong opposition. I wish you luck, Mr. Spencer. Give em hell.

  26. Sarah R. says:

    Hey real estate people: “The lady doth protest too much”, as old Shakespeare would say.

    Quit freaking out, examine how your business practices affect the community, and make changes if you feel that you they are warranted. If you can really say that your practices are helpful to the town, then take this with a grain of salt and carry on with your life. If not, than take this opportunity to change your approach.

    I, for one, applaud Spencer for taking a stand on something he cares about and so should you. Whether you agree with him or not. Every community needs a watchdog, so be thankful that you have one.

  27. Linda R. says:

    I am not a real estate agent and not a fast food worker. Just a citizen Get over it really? I just think if you are campaining for a position, I honestly believe you can do that without casting stones!!! Or can you not???

  28. Rajan says:

    “If you want to make changes in your life, you have to get involved and make what is wrong, right; even when you are the only one standing and crying from the wilderness.”

    Mr. Spencer doesn’t seem afraid to stand by his decisions and goals, and for that, I applaud him. Good luck to him and the town of St. Marys.

  29. To whom it may concern,
    I apologize if my use of the term “real estate cartel” offended anyone. I, by no means, intended to accuse an entire profession and am fortunate enough to have friends who are realtors. Do I believe that in the case of St. Marys there are a handful of those in the real estate field who have endeavored to influence politics in order to further their own interests? Yes. Do I feel some apprehension at the thought of a City Council that is overwhelmingly populated by those in one profession? Yes. In the case of St. Marys specifically I feel that many of the decisions that have be made in the name of the “public’s interest” have been directed by a particular few people (most notably the airport relocation project or boathouse purchase) and I object to that because citizen input has not been considered. I sincerely apologize for any negativity that I have placed on families and the perception on the community. I intended no harm to the community we live in. I feel very passionately about the plight of our leadership and I did not want to convey any message concerning the good practicing professionals tied to past decision making by a few. That being said, I regret that my words have caused misunderstanding and hope that this statement clarifies my position and views. Please feel free to send me your questions and concerns by email at Or call me at 912-409-0286

    Jeremy Spencer

  30. scott says:

    i have read most of these responses i guess if the real estate agents are called a “cartel”then the school system would be the granddaddy of all talk about closed door meetings the school board is the best.i often have had discussions with facebook friends and we use a couple simple rules maybe you should use if you are really looking to serve only.1)no name calling(we are not 5yrs old) 2)you have to link all”facts” to your source.i have friends who dont agree with my politics but we can discuss many things and see other views(doesnt mean we agree).instead of telling us how everyone else is doing it wrong why dont you tell us in detail what you would do as an elected need to look much higher up the govt chain to find the real estate bubble problem.i do agree some thing need to change but negative politics is like calling names it just doesnt work.yes before you ask unlike some of these posters i am a resident and taxpayer of st.marys.

  31. Wildcat says:

    Amazing you are tying yourself to someone who was just voted the worst representative in the state of Georgia, just being in office 10 months. I can understand how you would want to be consider more of a democrat than a republican,since the republicans put us in this depression.

  32. roger says:

    No one told me about this cartel thing. Do I have to pay board dues and do continuing education?

  33. Get a Grip says:

    Jeremy Spencer is a young, idealistic and outspoken first-time candidate. Did he, as a result of his passionate commitment to challenging the “good ol’ boy/girl” system in a small southern town, make an error of judgment by seeming to malign an entire “industry”? Yes. He’s not yet used to the pandering niceties of politicking.

    I find the ensuing hysteria on the part of some members of the realtor’s “community” amusing and revealing for one seldom gets that incensed unless a button is pushed. My suspicions were proven correct by Deborah Hase’ post on here wherein she immediately deviated from the issue at hand to attack other candidates. (Hase being a realtor whose best friend is appointed to run for her post). Deborah’s comments and the ensuing histrionics are nothing more than “a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    Mr. Spencer has apologized for his words and the misunderstanding. Enough said. Calm down, real estate people. You are dangerously close to making utter fools of yourself.

  34. bluedog says:

    The message in the article is, “If you don’t agree with the way things are, get involved to change them”. Either Mr. Spencer accusations are accurate or he is simply in the race for his own benefit. That is for the voters to decide. Those upset about the article are missing the message of the article and the movie.

  35. Tommy says:

    I agree with @bluedog. Everyone is so busy trying to find faults in this article and with Mr. Spencer, they’re completely missing the point. Whether you believe his motives are pure or not, he is doing something he believes will make a difference. We need more people like that and less people who only speak out under the protection of internet anonymity.

  36. Kathleen Reihing says:

    I am trying to contact you because my voting place changed without my knowledge. What is stranger still is that my husbands didn’t. I showed up to vote at SMMS and was sent to MLCES. I gave my husband a heads up so he wouldn’t make the same mistake and when he showed up at MLCES, he was sent to SMMS. He didn’t vote so I am sure that these changes cost votes and with an election so close, possibly changed the outcome of the election. Please tell me who I need to notify and I will do so. Kathie Reihing

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