Run for Office!

Learn the basics of how to run for office yourself with our downloadable PDF primers. Originally written by the good folks at Progressive Majority, these have been adapted by our team to reflect the non-partisan ethos behind Grassroots.

1. What Office Should I Run For? 2. Why You Should Run for Office 3. Preparing to Run for Office 4. The Phases of your Campaign 5. The Campaign Plan 6. Sample Campaign Plans 7. Targeting, Voter Contact & Mobilization 8. Fundraising & Budgeting 9. Developing & Delivering your Message



The Nation Signs

Do you have an issue that you care deeply about? Something you’re fed up with? Something you want to protest?

Make a song about it

Submit your song to The Nation Sings, and they’ll help you spread the word. Hey, you might even get a professional recording out of the deal.

Grassroots has teamed up with Progressive Majority and ‘Run for America’ to bring you a chance to get heard. It’s your chance to show the world what you care about. With this callout, we’re doing our part to encourage and support those dedicated people who will write and perform the next generation of inspiring protest songs. The labor fights in Wisconsin, the upcoming election, and grassroots efforts across the country have proven that we need to unite our voices to make progress.

This movement is about you: Everyday Americans who want to say your piece. We’re putting the microphone back in your hands, so you can make the music that will inspire a big change in our national dialogue.

Upload your song between October 1st at 1PM (EST) and December 1st at 11PM (EST) at The Nation Sings.

More information: