Learn the basics of how to run for office yourself with our downloadable PDF primers. Originally written by the good folks at Progressive Majority, these have been adapted by our team to reflect the non-partisan ethos behind Grassroots.

1. What Office Should I Run For? 2. Why You Should Run for Office 3. Preparing to Run for Office 4. The Phases of your Campaign 5. The Campaign Plan 6. Sample Campaign Plans 7. Targeting, Voter Contact & Mobilization 8. Fundraising & Budgeting 9. Developing & Delivering your Message

Run for Office

Run for Office

We Want You to Run for Office

We here at ‘Grassroots’ want to encourage you to take active part in your government, your community and your future by getting involved in the political process in America.  Here are some immediate steps you can take to make change.


Change your future by changing the country. Run for office yourself.

PDF documents detailing electoral offices that are currently up for grabs, courtesy of Progressive Majority.

Organize & Support

Help organize the political movements near you, or get one started. If you have media training, communication skills, or simply the time and desire, consider supporting an existing candidate.


Don’t want to run, don’t have the time to lend your support organizing? You can still participate in the process of change in a very simple way: By voting. There are plenty of places to do this